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Hi, I’m Sonal Champsee, a writer and creative writing teacher. I’ve written short stories, essays, novels, plays and some very bad poetry. But I also really like giving people writing advice.

Comment thread from George Saunders' substack in which he says my advice is 'very good'. See the link in the caption to see the entire comment in its full context.
Did George Saunders say my advice was good in reference to my newsletter? No, of course not, why would George Saunders read a writing advice column? Am I using this for validation anyway? Yes.

So many of our writing problems come from the way we’ve twisted our relationship with writing in our heads. And sometimes, we don’t want to admit to them because what if it means we aren’t really a writer? But the truth is, every writer goes through these things—and I can help you sort through them.

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I am a real writer and writing teacher, but not a real therapist.

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Nice things people have said about Writer Therapy

Writer Therapy reminds me there are others out there with similar or the same issues as me. Just like group therapy, it reminds me I’m not alone. And it makes me feel less isolated in a very isolating profession. The answers given are not silver bullets, but nor are they claimed to be. But the thoughtfulness of both the questions and answers brings us all together for a bit, and gives us something to think about. - Linda

Sonal's advice is always solid and laced with humor. She is generous with her "we're all in this together" tone, which helps me feel less alone as a writer.

I am always amazed at the questions that come up in each Writer Therapy, as I wonder how Sonal's readers can also be inside my own mind, asking the same questions? And then I am inspired and grateful for Sonal's incredible and insightful (and often laugh out loud funny) reply. It's like re-reading my own diary and then asking my therapist to respond. This newsletter is one of my favs and I am eager to read it every time it lands in my inbox. Thanks for this gift, Sonal! Nicole Ardiel

There are lots of places to get writing advice, but Writer Therapy is the only place where I can get honest advice about the realities of a writing life. Every time I read the Writer Therapy newsletter there are useful answers to questions writers always have but are maybe too shy to ask. And the answers aren't superficial. Sonal answers questions in a way that is deep and open, honest, and hilarious. If you're not subscribed to Writer Therapy you're missing out on one of the most valuable resources a writer can have—an open line to a fellow writer. Kelly Pedro

I so enjoy the humour and quirky content of Writer Therapy. Without fail, Sonal’s writing leaves me with a fit of giggles and at the same time, gives me pause to think about the conundrums faced by creative people at all stages of their work. It’s a bit like hanging out with a gaggle of friends and getting the world sorted over a bottle of wine.

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